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We are an Online dealer of TWP and Gemini products Buy Direct. We offer all the high quality colors and full line-up of TWP Stains at the best price. Contact us for friendly advice to help you with your project. TWP stain is a highly rated sealer for your outdoor wood deck. Local TWP stain dealer near me? We offer free shipping on 5 gallon pails.




TWP 100 Series Wood Deck Stain


TWP 200 Series Wood Deck Stain


TWP 1500 Series Wood Deck Stain

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Restore-A-Deck Cleaner and Brightener system is a powerful "Eco-friendly" two part restoration process.  First, Restore-A-Deck Cleaner deep cleans your wood, then Restore-A-Deck Brightener follows this powerful cleansing with a brightening formula that is... MORE    TWP 100 Series exterior Stain is popular with deck contractors and deck owners. TWP deck stain is extremely easy to apply to exterior wood surfaces. TWP 100 series stain is oil based with paint thinner cleanup. TWP is available in 6 popular Transparent wood tones... MORE   TWP 200 Series exterior Stain s a high solids, heavy duty, penetrating system specifically designed to extend the service life of shakes and shingles. The primary function is to enhance the structural integrity and appearance of aged roofing. The finish composition... MORE   TWP® 1500 Series deck stain is an EPA registered wood preservative which prevents structural damage and wood decay on exterior above ground wood surfaces such as untreated or previously treated fencing, decking, wood siding, log homes and roofing... MORE

Ask about the TWP stain samples program and save on your TWP deck stain order.

TWP stain can be used on wood decks, cedar siding, teak furniture and other exterior wood surfaces. TWP stain is manufactured by Gemini Coatings in the United States and is consistently voted one of the best deck stains. VOC laws prevent TWP 100 series from being shipped to all states. If you live in a VOC state listed on purchase page, TWP 1500 series is recommended.

Order TWP stain samples for color testing. Save $$ on your TWP deck stain order.

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We are NOT the manufacturer of Amteco TWP stain. Technical questions call Gemini Coatings at 1-800-262-5710

TWP deck stain is consistently voted one of the best wood deck stains in the Los Angeles, CA weather. We stock every color in the 100 series, 200 series and 1500 series lines, including the hard to find Cape Cod Gray and Prairie Gray. Our prices are lower than any local stocking dealers, plus you do not pay sales tax. We offer lower prices than the MSRP pricing if ordered online. TWP stain is easy to remove for future coatings and they offer Restore a Deck cleaning kits for you to purchase. Any quality Custom Deck Builder in Los Angeles, CA recommends TWP stain on all new cedar and pressure treated decks

  • TWP stands for Total Wood Preservative and is oil based with paint thinner cleanup.
  • Special UV absorbers prevent wood graying and fading. Wood stays looking natural and beautiful longer
  • EPA Registered Wood Preservative which Prevents wood decay and structural damage above ground
  • Water Repellent – Resists warping, cracking and splitting. Prevents freeze damage in cold climates
  • Mildew Resistant Film – Mildewcides inhibit the growth of mildew on the surface, preventing discoloration
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